Our mission

Promoting, Supporting, Empowering

MUL Foundation is at the heart of a family history, experience and expertise. Farmer since five generations and specialized in the transformation of natural raw materials; the Mul family is committed to social responsibility actions aiming to secure a sustainable sourcing with natural and high quality raw materials. While taking over the top management, Marius MUL daughter’s Cécile, keeps the same entrepreneurship vision.
Concerned about social and environmental impacts, Cécile MUL, along with her sister Magali, decided to create in 2018 the endowment fund “MUL Foundation”.
MUL Foundation aims to promote, support and implement programs in the area of the Biodiversity and Environment, Research & Development, Social and Societal. Projects are in the scope of farming and industrial activities of the founding members; in countries where the sourcing of natural raw materials is made or an extraction facility is combined, in France and abroad.

MUL Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to support and develop projects of general interest. The integration of expert’s community and collaborators of the founding members, allows us to offer technical, financial, social and environmental support in everything we do.

Our Project’s areas


Committing to develop programs to reduce environmental impact, protect biodiversity, promote reforestation and support eco-friendly practices.


Supporting projects of Research and Development in the area of eco-extraction processes, renewable energies, green chemistry and agricultural technologies.


Helping to improve living conditions of families and local communities by ensuring access to healthcare, training, social integration, women independence and reduce illiteracy.


Preserving local know-how, culture and tradition by helping cooperatives, farmers, local producers and communities in their economic development.

Consult our 2020 activity report - here

Our resources

As a non-profit organization, MUL Foundation is able to receive any material or immaterial donation from private companies and individuals allowing them to benefit from a tax deduction.

For more information : rse@groupemul.fr